Neil Pick, Chairman of Tellus Eduaction Group, on Brexit:

"The Tellus Education Group is as committed as ever, if not more so, in the furtherance of European cooperation."

Chairman of Tellus Education Group

Dear Partners,

The momentous decision by 52% of the UK’s population to vote in favour of leaving the European Union raises more questions than answers!

To begin the process of leaving the European Union the British Government has to evoke Article 50. On the European side, the agreement needs a qualified majority of member states and consent of the European parliament. If we do get agreement, then there is a two year period during which the terms for leaving are negotiated. It may be that we remain in the European Economic Area (EAA), join the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or there may be some other outcome.

The Tellus Education Group is as committed as ever, if not more so, in the furtherance of European cooperation.

What we do know is that the current Erasmus+ programme runs for seven years and ends in 2020.

We will continue to deliver life-changing opportunities through: vocational programmes for students and teachers in the UK in Plymouth and Portsmouth, and in Italy, Spain, Poland and Greece; English language courses for international students in our Plymouth and Portsmouth adult language schools, and summer residential programmes for young learners in Reading, Portsmouth, Oxford, Cambridge and Bradfield.

We are confident that we can continue to provide our European partners with high quality innovative vocational training programmes, just as we have done for over fourteen years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any vocational training projects that you are planning.

Many Regards,

Neil Pick

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